July 18 – 22 !




This is a place where you will find some forever friends, peers and counselors who will not just spend time with you, but love you like Jesus does.



There is no better place to be than in the center of God's attention. Through worship and the teaching of the Word, you will experience God like never before.



We have selected anointed speakers called by God to minister in powerful and practical ways. Your preteens will be forever impacted by the ministry they receive.



We believe that camp should be wild and crazy. Through high action games and exciting activities, we aim at creating an unforgettable experience.


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Jeremy Donovan

Jeremy is a favorite speaker at KFN Preteen Impact. As Pastor of Trinity Fairmeadows Church in Dallas, Texas. Pastor Donovan is making a powerful difference in the community. He is impacting the CFNI students that serve with him with his love for people, especially hurting kids. Jeremy and his wife Annie have been married for 15 years and have three children, Cadence, Cale and Kai. He is author of the book “The Hard Way”. Through his testimony, Jeremy has seen people across the country find freedom from their past hurts and turn to a hope in Jesus for their future.
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Jade De Kelaita

With a life given to the red-letter text of God’s Word, Jade De Kelaita's heart has been captured by the world’s rejected – the orphan, the widow, the poor, the prisoner, the homeless, the sick, and the forgotten. The presence of God she carries has opened doors for her to speak nationally and internationally in prisons, schools, universities, nursing homes, under bridges, churches, and nations such as Africa, Asia, Central America, UK, and more. She is birthing a “2:6 Movement” in the earth where true disciples are rising up to live out 1 John 2:6. “Whoever claims to live in Him must live as Jesus did.”

Meet the Team


Connie McKenzie


Connie McKenzie is the Director of KFN. In addition to her duties at KFN, she also directs the Children and Families Major at Christ For The Nations Institute. She has a passion to raise up ministers who will effectively reach children and their families with the Gospel, both in the U.S. and around the world. She has a M.A. from Dallas Baptist University and a B.S. from the University of Kentucky. She also graduated from CFNI. Connie McKenzie founded and leads kids for the Nations Summer Camps and oversees the Children’s Ministry at CFNI’s Tuesday Night Encounter. She is very involved in the global 4/14 Movement. Over the years, she has ministered in over 20 nations and has taken CFNI students on multiple mission trips overseas.

Amanda  Galassini

KFN Ministry Coordinator

Amanda is the KFN Ministry Coordinator. She is from Brazil and has a Bachelor's degree in teaching. She worked at a preschool called Maple Bear for almost 6 years before coming to CFNI. Amanda graduated from CFNI Children’s and Family Major and served KFN with excellence while she was a student, including leading the CIT’s.  Her passion is to point the next generation to Jesus and to shine His light to the nations. She loves all aspects of camp ministry. We believe God has called her to KFN “for such a time as this”.


To be announced

Pricing for 2021

Preteen Impact -  On Campus Housing

Early Bird (March 29th, 2021): $235

Regular (July 6th, 2021): $255

Late (July 18th, 2021): $275

Leaders: $160

CITs: $210

Preteen Impact - Off-Campus

Early Bird Campers (March 29th, 2021): $155

Regular Campers (July 6th, 2021): $175

Leaders: $85



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Frequently Asked Questions

What is KFN?

KFN seeks to provide children with an unforgettable multi-cultural, Christ-Centered camp experience. Through fun, stimulating activities, a positive environment, and dynamic prayer and worship, our trained and qualified CFNI students desire to foster relationships with each child that will impact them eternally. 
KFN is a ministry of Christ For The Nations.

What is spiritually taught at KFN?

Campers will learn about the Word of God in the power of the Holy Spirit and how to have a lifestyle of worship. Through Spirit-led worship, powerful Bible experiences, and anointed prayer times, campers will have an opportunity to experience the presence of God.

Who are the KFN interns?

The amazing counselors are the best part of KFN. Our team members are trained and equipped Christ For the Nations students. These dynamic students come from all over America and around the world to seek God and study His Word here at Christ For the Nations. Their enthusiasm, energy, and zeal for God are contagious. They will model godly character and demonstrate God’s love as they create online content especially for your campers.

What will campers do?

Campers will have an opportunity to experience God through dynamic worship services, powerful guest speakers, interactive activities, team competitions, exciting messages from people around the world, and games they can do at home!